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The relationship you have with your accountant can be incredibly fruitful. Accountants have a finger on the financial pulse, whether you’re looking to improve income or cut expenses to drive growth. But how do you make sure that you get the most out of working with an accountant? These are the key questions to ask….

Accountant working on stack of papers

If you’re having cash flow problems then this could prove critical for your business. However, cash flow issues are not always a sign that there is something fundamentally flawed with your proposition. Instead they may indicate that a different process or perspective is required – which is where an accountant can help.   1. Identifying…

Calculator and budget

There comes a time for every business owner when the budget goes wrong. It’s an opportunity to identify mistakes and to make a few changes – although, at the time it may feel as if the worst is happening. Often, when it comes to cash flow and budgets, the most sensible approach is to work…

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