Running a business is time consuming – every business has multiple different parts that need to be carefully considered. One of these aspects is your cash flow. Many businesses face issues with poor cash flow, but there are ways you can improve it. Here, we will examine how you can improve your cash flow, and how our team at Appleby Mall can help.

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Utilise Credit Control

One of the most common cash flow solutions is using credit control with your customers. Without measures like credit checks, it can be easy to make poor financial decisions. You should always look to carry out credit checks and ensure you send your invoices as soon as work has been completed. This can help cash to come in more quickly and regularly.

Put Late Payment Fees In Place

It can be difficult to ensure that customers pay for work you have completed on time. In your terms and conditions, it is important to make sure that you have clearly stated terms about charging customers for late payments. This encourages customers to make payments promptly, and if they do not, you will receive the late payment fee, making it one of the best solutions to cash flow problems.

Consider Invoice Factoring

If you are having difficulties improving cash flow, you may wish to consider invoice factoring. This means that you use a third-party company, so you will get your money straight away. You will not have to wait for money from the customer, but this does mean that you will have less control over your accounts and invoices.

Outsource Your Accounting

Accounting can be a difficult practice to keep on top of, and you will need to know the ins and outs of it to do it successfully. This is especially true once your business grows. Not being experienced in accounting can have a negative impact on your cash flow – so the best thing to do is to outsource your accounting. Specialist accounting professionals can look after your accounts and improve your cash flow, giving you time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

With these improvements in mind, you should be able to avoid or improve poor cash flow. If you require further support, get in touch with Appleby Mall. We can support you with your business accounting so that your cash flow remains steady, and your bookkeeping is always handled by experts. Let us know how we can help you.

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