As you’re no doubt aware by now, the past year or so has been rocky for businesses all over the world. COVID-19 significantly affected people’s ability to shop, work, and socialise, curtailing spending and leaving many business owners with serious cashflow issues.

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Fortunately, the economy is opening up again, presenting companies with some profitable opportunities. However, you can’t expect to thrive without a carefully planned growth strategy. This is where high-quality technology and accounting services come in. If you’re hoping to turn over a new leaf this year, outsourcing certain tasks will lighten your team’s workload and ensure you have enough time for creative tasks that nurture your brand image and ensure you remain competitive.

At Appleby Mall, for instance, we’re keen to help clients get back on their feet. We provide high-quality chartered accounting services using Xero Accounting Software UK, a technology that allows clients to view their accounts quickly and easily. Accountants using Xero are known for their ability to cut costs and boost profits for companies across a range of sectors. In fact, this is just one of the many vital ways technology could help you regain your business mojo.

How Technology Will Help You Handle The Spending Boom

Are you ready to make the most of customers with money to spare? Here are a few ways technology could help you get back in the game:

• Accept multiple payment methods: Thanks to online technologies, consumers can enjoy more payment options than ever before – and businesses that offer as many as possible are likely to see higher revenues. You could, for example, set up text message payments, online checkouts, in-store pickup, and contactless in-person payments.
• Advance purchasing options: Customers like to know that items or services will be available when they visit. As such, it may be a good idea to invest in an online booking system.
• Make the most of apps: Apps have proved invaluable for hospitality businesses hoping to keep customers safe through contactless ordering. Why not check out whether an app could help your operations?

Why Choose Xero Small Business Software?

Xero offers a comprehensive overview of your cash flow and helps generate forecasts quickly and easily. Such functionality is vital for making informed business decisions and planning your recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Much Does Xero Tax Software Cost?

With Appleby Mall, you can enjoy personalised accountancy solutions and beautiful Xero software at an all-inclusive excellent price. Get in touch to find out more.

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