We’ve already said we had a pet hate about companies and individuals paying too much tax. We strive to make the most of any allowances and choices you as a business can make, to minimise a corporation tax or personal tax liability.

We also tell our clients that they are due a tax refund and chase HM Revenue because the cheeky tax man is unlikely to return any overpayment without being asked and chased first!

If you are owed an over-payment they are very slow at returning it too so it’s important that we get to work quickly to see if a refund is due – drinks on you if it is!

With a recent new client (confidentiality prohibits us to disclose), we carried out a review for them and identified they had paid too much tax for 4 years (it wasn’t us – another advisor who can’t be mentioned!). The business received a tax refund of £6,000. Another extremely happy Appleby Mall client.

If you want us to check if you’re owed any money from the HMRC, contact us for a chin wag and we’ll see what we can do.