Partner buy-outs are a difficult transaction to manage for most businesses. There is usually a good reason to go through a buy-out, but the legal and financial rigmarole can turn a great idea into an arduous task. It takes up so much time and normally removes key stakeholders from running the business, for long periods of time.

Appleby Mall are experts in helping businesses through this process – leaving you more time to do what you do best!

When one of our clients comes to us for advice on a partner buy-out, we hold initial discussion meetings with all parties involved. We then make a valuation of shares and devise a buy-out strategy that benefits the company and both partners.

As our promise is to save businesses tax, we managed to work with a client recently where the partner only paid 10% tax on the sale proceeds. Not only that, we turned the deal around in 30 days (we did say we were speed demons!).

If you’re thinking of, or are going through a partner buy-out, why not give us a bell to find out how we can make the process smoother and less painful!