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We know, we know. Having your own business is a juggling act. You have all kinds of priorities. You need to be organised and efficient. You need to be proactive and a master of time management. You need to plan and look forward, and reflect on what has passed. It can be a challenge, that’s for sure.

And amidst all of this planning and preparing, on-looking and budgeting, a single piece of paper on your desk or workspace can easily turn into three. Three becomes a folder. A folder turns into four. And so on. We’re all guilty of it.

But then the clutter grows, the space shrinks, and you are now the proud owner of a business, and have amassed piles of paper and boxes of files. Boxes and cupboards that you have to rummage through to find what you are looking for, in the knowledge that you’re running out of space in your slightly cluttered office.

This is where we can help.

By using just one piece of software, you can interact with your customers, your suppliers, your bank and us, your loyal and hardworking accountant. All internal and external documents can be stored in the cloud, with offline file sharing capabilities available, so you aren’t left without any key documents when you need them. The benefits of the cloud reach far and wide; you could lose your paper records in a fire and still have an online copy; you could access your files from wherever you like – you could even work from the beach; you have a copy of everything (accounts, sales records, purchase orders, delivery notes and much more!) in one easily accessible place. And from just £9 plus VAT per month, all of this could be yours.

How is this possible you might ask? Well, as Xero accountants, we can help you with all of the above. Xero is an easy to use piece of accounting software, which stores everything in the cloud. We have been proud users of Xero for a number of years, and recommend it to all our clients. We can get you started with Xero, give you some handy tips and helpful advice, and pick the right add ons to make everything as efficient, automated and as paper and stress-free as possible. Click here to find out more about Xero.

All you need is a scanner, or even a camera phone and you could be on your way to a paper free, less cluttered office. It’s also much better for the planet, and can give you that little boost to take those first steps to making your office as eco-friendly as possible.

Just think of what you could do with all that space!

If you have any queries, or would like some more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can reach us on 01902 422020, get in touch here or you can fill in the contact form below!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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