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A strong base of clients/customers is the foundation for any ambitious business. Attracting new customers is also one of the biggest challenges that any enterprise faces – regardless if they’re new to the game, or seasoned, household names. So, how do you go about getting your business in front of the right people at the right time?

Identifying the ideal customers

It’s impossible to attract customers if you don’t know who you’re targeting. So, it’s crucial to have a very clear idea of who your ideal customer is before you start putting any time and resources into reaching them. Factors such as age, location, spending power, relationship status and spending habits will all be important in identifying who will buy from you – so that you can tailor your efforts in the way most likely to reach them effectively.

Getting to the heart of the business

Are you 100% certain what it is that makes your offering unique? Make sure you know what sets your business apart from others and why customers should come to you rather than the competition. This kind of knowledge is essential to enable you to demonstrate how you can serve customers, which problems you’ll solve for them and how you can make a difference to their lives if they buy from you.

Establishing a strong marketing strategy

Different marketing efforts work for different businesses and the most effective will depend on where your customers most focus their attention. For almost every organisation now a strong website is essential, alongside at least one social media channel. You might also want to look into email marketing, blogging, flyers and direct mail, as well as advertising, whether that’s pay-per-click advertising online or print ads in a newspaper.

Convert existing customers into brand advocates

Your existing customers can be incredibly effective when it comes to attracting new ones. Whether you ask them to leave positive reviews online or incentivise customers with discounts and offers if they bring friends and family to your brand, word of mouth recommendation remains one of the most effective marketing tools there is.

Follow up on leads

Do you have a process in place to generate ‘leads’ for your business and then follow up on them to convert them into customers? 79% of marketing leads are never converted into customers because there is no lead nurturing in place to do this. Part of attracting new customers is working with those who have expressed an interest in your brand, providing information, offering incentives and encouraging them through the process of becoming a new customer. If you don’t do this then you could be seriously missing out.

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