Your workforce will be key to the growth of your businesses – and even if the workforce you need to employ is only three people deep, the hiring process still requires some careful management.

Who should you hire?

The stage your business is at will determine to a certain extent the kind of staff you’re looking for, as well as the way that you hire them. If you’re at the start-up stage, for example, your most valuable staff are likely to be generalists who can turn a hand to almost anything asked of them. If your business is better established then you may need experienced employees with a more niche focus. And if you’re looking to grow into an area you yourself are not entirely sure about then it’s time to invest in some specialists.

How should you hire staff?

There are a number of considerations when it comes to the process of hiring staff:

  • Create a comprehensive job description – the more information you can provide at the start, the more likely it is that you’ll attract the right people.
  • Consider apprentices – if you’re willing to provide training, apprentices make cost effective employees who could stay with your business into the long term.
  • Choose passionate people – there’s no point in trying to force employees into jobs that they don’t want to do, as you just won’t get the best out of them.
  • Consider a consultant – if you don’t have the time or the networks to reach out to potential candidates it might be cost effective to employ a recruitment consultant instead.
  • Always interview – you need to meet candidates face to face to know whether they will be a truly good fit.

Considerations for a growing business

When you’re hiring new staff at a time of growth there are a number of key considerations to bear in mind:

The National Living Wage. Employees over the age of 25 must be paid the National Living Wage, which is currently £7.50 an hour. Savings may need to be made in other areas to accommodate this legal requirement.

The paperwork. Employment contracts are essential to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and, in particular, what the financial aspects of the arrangement are.

Your cash flow. Once you sign employment contracts with staff you must be able to meet those obligations. Make sure your cash flow is strong enough to support regular wages, bonuses and holiday cover.

Avoid over-hiring. The optimum is to have everyone working at full pace before you hire someone new so that your new hire isn’t sitting at their desk and twiddling their thumbs.

Build a team. Rather than hiring individuals, consider how each and every person fits into the business as a whole – and how difference and diversity can add to the dynamic – so that you can go on to create a positive, innovative company culture.

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