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Owning your own business may seem like a great idea.  However, if you lack the ability to market your goods and services, your business may not be around for very long.  Here we share several top tips on how to effectively market your new business.

Get an Online Presence

Your website is your window to the outside world.  Although it’s possible to design your website yourself, this is not something we recommend unless you’re a professional web designer.  Your website should be professional and display your wares in an appropriate manner for the world to see.

Your website should tie in with your social media presence to ensure you have everything covered.  Today, video is a very powerful form of marketing.  Your website should be used to host your video blog where you can talk about your products and their benefits and answer any objections and questions your prospects may have.

You should also get your business listed on any online directories for example, Google My Business and Bing Places for Business.  A lot of these directories are free and can help you get found on the internet.

Create a Database of Prospects and Customers

Your website and other social channels can be used to create a database of customers and prospects.  You can then send regular targeted information to increase the chance of purchase and to encourage repeat purchases.  You can also inform your followers of upcoming products.

Attend Networking Events

The more you network, the more opportunity you will get to get your message out there.  Networking gives you the opportunity to perfect your elevator pitch and talk passionately about your products and services.  This is something that you can practice and perfect with each networking event that you attend.

Use PR

Write an interesting article that demonstrates your expertise and the service that you provide.  If you’ve sponsored any charities, you may want to talk about this too.  You can send your article to newspapers and also submit it to online PR agencies.  If your story is good, it will get published.

And finally,

Ask for Referrals

If you have satisfied customers, why don’t you ask them if they know anyone that could also use your services.  You could ask your customers to provide you with a testimonial.   If they have been happy with your service, they shouldn’t refuse.  You can then use these testimonials on your website.

To sweeten the pot a little, you could run monthly competitions where you put all referring customers names into a hat to win something nice!

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