Is Your Customer Always Right

“The customer is always right” – you’ve probably heard this hundreds of times.  However, is the customer really always right?  Here we discuss why the customer may not always be right.

The customer only asks for what they want

The customer will only ask for what they want and not necessarily what they need.  You as the expert can advise your customer on what is best for them.  This may not necessarily be what they want.  The final decision then rests with the customer.

In the short term, this may lose you the customer.  However, your reputation will remain intact as your business will grow on the back of it.

The customer always thinks that they are right

As the business owner, you will know that your customer can often be very wrong.  However they will invariably always think that they are right.  The customer may request product X when you know as the supplier of the product that product Y is best suited to their needs and requirements.

However, at the end of the day you should treat your customer as you would wish to be treated yourself.  Give them what they want but make it absolutely clear to them that Product Y would actually be better for them.

The ‘customer is always right’ maxim may alienate employees

You run the risk of alienating your employees if you always side with unreasonable customer demands.  Your employees have to deal with customers daily and each customer interaction needs to be handled professionally.  Unwarranted demands on the company or its staff by unreasonable customers can cause resentment within the company.  By putting your employees first, they will feel valued and in turn put your customers first.

At Appleby Mall we treat all our customers equally with the due care and respect that they are always entitled to.  We have complete transparency on all our products and services and will spell out exactly what we feel is the right service for you and your business.  This has worked out really well for us and keeps our staff and customers happy too.

We’ve been in business for a long time and have a lot of years of professional experience and have dealt with a lot of different businesses in this time.  If you need an accountant for your business, please get in touch.  We will show you how we can work together and will offer you a service that you not only want but also need.

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