Fees often play a big part in how attractive an accountant is for a business – but there is no one size fits all solution.

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The range of services you need will dictate how much an accountant costs. Many accountants – including Appleby Mall – offer packages of services. This guide offers a reasonable estimate of what you should be paying for those packages.


Here is a basic list of how much an accountant costs. Click below to skip to a topic.


Basic packages (£65+ per month)

Basic packages with extra advice (£150+ per month)

Comprehensive packages (£195+ per month)

Full packages and support (£395+ per month)

What might affect the cost of an accountant?

What about hiring an accountant full-time?

How Appleby Mall can help



Basic packages (£65+ per month)


If you just need an accountant to take care of the basics, then you should be able to keep costs below £100 per month.


This should cover basic accounting work, including personal tax and corporation tax, VAT returns and monthly payroll.



Basic packages with extra support (£150+ per month)


A more in-depth package would be a good idea if you need extra business support. This could include advice on growing your business, managing cash flow, or setting goals for your business.


At this level, your accountant should also help to reduce your personal and corporation tax liabilities.



Comprehensive packages (£195+ per month)


Some businesses need an accountant who will do more than simply handle tax returns once a year and provide occasional advice.


At this level, you’re paying an accountant for all basic support, as well as guidance on strategy and tax planning. You should also expect regular bookkeeping and management of records.



Full packages with support (£395+ per month)


The most comprehensive packages should include full accounting and bookkeeping coverage, as well as guidance on budgeting, growth and setting KPIs.


Your accountant should work closely with your business and be a reliable source of advice.



What might affect the cost of an accountant?


• The number of transactions your business is processing – e.g. sales, purchases.

• The current state of your records.

• The number of employees you have

• Any changes in circumstances – e.g. refinancing, large jobs or orders.



What about hiring an accountant full time?


For most businesses, it’s more cost-effective to pay for an external accountant on a fixed fee basis.


If you’re looking to bring someone in-house, it usually costs upwards of £30,000 per year to employ a full-time accountant. Their salary will depend on accreditation, experience and skills.



How Appleby Mall can help


Our accountancy packages include fixed fees at a very competitive price. We also offer specialised quotes for businesses with more specific needs.


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