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Growth is key to businesses at every stage. For start-ups and SMEs it’s especially crucial.  The strategy that’s effective for one business may have no real impact for another so it’s important to generate growth that works for, and with, your business. Here are 4 potential ways to achieve it. 1. Use your customers We…

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A good accountancy firm is worth its weight in gold. From supporting positive cash flow, to helping ensure deadlines are met and filings are made, working with an effective accountancy team is crucial for any business. For small businesses, new enterprises and those where resources are lean, it’s even more important. So, what should you…


‘Cash flow problems’ is a phrase that most small business owners dread having either to hear or to use. There are many different types of cash flow problems that could arise but they primarily come down to one thing: not having enough money available to use when the business requires it. Your cash flow issues…


When we think about the important attributes for a new business, factors such as profile, investability, business model and product all come to mind. However, one of the key elements for any new company that wants to be long-term successful is cash flow.


if there’s one thing that every entrepreneur and small business needs to get right, it’s cash flow management. Effective cashflow management is what makes a business viable.

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Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, fuelling growth and ensuring a company can meet its liabilities and avoid going under. Careful cash flow management is particularly important for start-ups where there is very little margin for error. Unfortunately, many start-ups have been killed off by poor cash flow, however…


Cash flow is key for small businesses, from start-ups to legacy companies. There are many different issues that can impact on cash flow and, all too often, we just don’t see them coming. Even the slightest cash flow hiccup can be fatal for SMEs so it’s key to try and avoid them wherever possible.


Failure rates among start-ups are high, not just in the UK but also in America and other key business centres all over the world. There are many reasons cited as the cause of these failures, from a lack of business focus, to misunderstanding tax liabilities and not having insurance for the tough times.

Brexit Property

Ever since the Brexit vote in June, we have been plagued with discussions on the potential impact of Brexit on life as we know it in the UK.  A lot of stories we have been hearing have been nothing more than scaremongering.  However, what is clear is that Brexit will have some impact on business…

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