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Pokémon Go is a free to play game that can be downloaded to IOS and Android devices.  The game uses your phones GPS to interact with virtual creatures which appear on your screen as if they were actually present in the real world around you!

Since its launch in July 2016, Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than 100 million times by users all over the world.  Pokémon is fully monetised by offering users the facility to make in-app purchases as they play the game.

Could an App be the right tool for your business?

We all have smart phones today and are accustomed to downloading apps left, right and centre.  Pokémon Go is an app that can be downloaded to most phones and hence is very accessible in the marketplace.

Further, as the game is addictive, it has led to millions of downloads and more use than Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.  This has resulted in accelerated media exposure resulting in further app downloads and hence revenue for Niantic the owners of Pokémon Go and Nintendo which has a stake in both the Pokémon franchise and Niantic.

As a business, can you design and launch an app that adds value to your current offering?  Is it then possible that those downloading the app will eventually become full paying customers?  Apps are a very powerful form of marketing today and most businesses still don’t have one.

Do you have a free service that you could offer potential customers?

Pokémon Go can be downloaded for free on your phone.  This has led to millions of people downloading it and playing it for free.  It’s only once people have started to play the game that they begin to spend money and make purchases.

Ask yourself if you have a service or product that consumers can try before they buy.  This could be a trial subscription to your service for say 30 days or a cut down version of your product with certain features only available via subscription.

If your product or service is as good as you say it is, a fair percentage of those ‘trying out’ your product should become your customers.

The Social Element

Pokémon encourages players to go to certain areas and has resulted in interactions that would not have been possible otherwise.  Further, there are large online Pokémon communities that engage regularly.

As a business, is it possible for you to bring like minded people together to talk about a common purpose?  For example, if you are an estate agent selling properties to investors, you could hold events where you invite potential investors to discuss investment strategies resulting potentially in property purchases from you.  This can be advertised via social media and through your blogs.

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