The basics of becoming a locum vet


Locum vets are becoming an increasingly popular presence in the veterinary industry.


According to a survey by Recruit4Vets, more than 70% of locum vets said they picked up more hours in 2018 than in 2017.


So, what is a locum vet?


A locum vet is an independent, qualified vet who chooses to work outside of the traditional practice structure.


They are often self-employed – or employed through an umbrella company – and are hired by practices to provide their services on a short-term basis.


Why are people becoming locum vets?


Locum work can be lucrative. Locum vets are often specialists in a particular area of animal care.


The greater flexibility of locum work means a better work-life balance – and this flexibility can also be an asset for a busy practice in need of an extra hand.


The freedom to choose when you work, the varied caseload and regular changes of scenery also make it an attractive prospect for many vets.



How is locum vet work structured?


Locum vets are typically self-employed through their own businesses.


This means they are responsible for their own business decisions, filing accounts and paying taxes.


Common structures include sole trader status, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and limited companies.


We have an in-depth article on the pros and cons of different company structures.


Can you help me out?


Many vets have never been in charge of their own businesses. It can be easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by the new decisions you’ll need to make.


Follow our checklist below to stay on track – or check out our extensive guide to becoming a locum vet here.


Checklist for locum vets.

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