accountants for freelancers

As a self employed freelancer you know how important your business is to you, and you will also recognise the importance of a valuable network.  You have specialist skills in your particular industry but may not have the time and knowledge to do your accounts and bookkeeping.  This is where knowing a good trusted accountant is invaluable to you and your business.

At Appleby Mall, we have a specialist team of accountants and advisors that can help you stay in control of your finances.  We will take the headache of doing your accounts away from you and ensure that all your tax liabilities are paid correctly and on time.  You can then focus on getting and working on those contracts and hence keep your business ticking along nicely.

In addition to covering all your accounts, we also offer advice based on your personal circumstances and where we feel you can benefit most.  We offer unlimited and unrivalled support and through our use of Xero cloud accounting software you have real time access to your accounts from anywhere in the world.

You could be just starting out as a freelancer or you may be looking to switch your current accountant.  Whatever stage you are at in your freelance career, we will hold your hand every step of the way.

Appleby Mall is working with many freelancers throughout the UK and we would love to work with you too.  The freelance sector is growing as it offers more flexibility for individuals and has many other advantages over working full time for a single employer for the rest of your life.  We understand the freelance market very well and our services are tailored to ensure that your business needs are well served.

It doesn’t matter to us which part of the country you work in as we offer our accounting services for freelancers via the cloud accounting software Xero which makes life so much easier for the freelancers we work with and also ourselves.  This leads to both time and cost savings which we pass onto you, hence a win-win for both of us.

Why don’t give us a call us on 01902 42 2020 and we’ll do our utmost to answer any questions that you may have.  You may also be pleasantly surprised by what we can offer you.

Alternatively, you may complete the contact form on our website by clicking here: I’m a freelancer looking for an accountant.

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